What to expect:

  • Stage One on One is a completely online, virtual experience.
  • It is open to all dancers from any background, region or experience level.
  • You can register as a studio or as an individual dancer.
  • Routine submissions are $60 for solos/duet/trios, $75 for groups, $80 for Productions.
  • Routine submissions can be filmed from anywhere (studio, home, backyard, driveway, park, previous competition etc.).
  • Every submitted routine will have a handpicked judge view their routine and offer personalized feedback.
  • Judges will record in depth, voice over feedback of the routine that was assigned to them.
  • Every video submitted will receive the time and personalized attention of a specific judge. Judges have been meticulously selected in order to provide the best environment for your success.
  • Once complete, you will be notified that your feedback is available to view and listen to in your Stage One on One account.
  • There is no limit to the number of routines that a dancer can submit.
  • There is no closing date or limit of submissions.
  • There are no time restraints for video length submitted.
  • Once you submit your video, our team will work very hard to get your feedback returned to you in a timely manner.
  • All feedback will be available to download from your Stage One on One account.
  • If you have competed with Stage One as a studio, you will not need to create a new Stage One on One account. You will find a Stage One on One link within the Director's Zone.
  • Individuals may register here.
  • One account can be used to upload and submit multiple routines for feedback.

Video Recommendations:

  • Routines can be recorded with any camera, phone or device that you choose.
  • MP4 video files are preferred.
  • We recommend that your music is LOUD and very clearly heard in the recording of your video.
  • Videos are best captured from a tripod or any camera/phone that is held still and with good lighting that showcases the dancer(s) well.
  • We recommend a wide angle/horizontal landscape for filming so that the dancer can be viewed for the entire routine.

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